Some farmers still have a shot at planting corn this week

Studstill Media Photo

OTTAWA – Every cloud has a silver lining and this week shows a glimmer of hope to plant corn in what seems like the longest downpour of ill-suited weather for local farmers. According to the National Weather Service’s forecast, were likely to see scattered showers with lesser rainfall amounts, compared to the unyielding conditions of the past three weeks. LaSalle County Farm Bureau President David Isermann says progress is being made and farmers are getting optimistic. They’ve already begun planting, in the narrow window of time before coverage loss on Wednesday. 

 However he’s certain some fields in parts of the county won’t dry up in time, leaving farmers to turn to prevent plant. He says after this week, fields that haven’t been planted more than likely will never be. As of the May 28th USDA Crop Progress report, 35 percent of farmers in the state have planted corn compared to 99 percent last year.