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Morning Show Schedule:

[6:45 am] Water Cooler Question of the Day – Join WALLS 102 as we kick off our Morning Show with an interesting fact to start your morning.

[7:50 am] Country Throwback – Take a trip back in time with the country throwback song, every weekday morning! Sponsored by Dr. Ed Monroe.

[8:15 am] What The Bleep Game – We play a song, but we bleep out one of the words. Our listeners will call in with the answer for a chance to win a gift certificate to Brothers Country Supply. Can you guess it!? Sponsored by Brother’s Country Supply

[9:15 am] Pet of the Week – Every day at 9:15, we talk about the pet of the week. Each week we highlight an amazing shelter animal that deserve a home.

[9:30 am] Dumb Criminal of the Day – Every weekday at 9:30 Czar and Sammie bring you something to laugh shake your head at with the “Dumb Criminal of the Day”, a funny story in the news about a criminal that didn’t quite get away with it.

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Morning Show Blog:

Dumb Criminal of the Day

I have not laughed this hard at a video in a long time.  This Dumb criminal must have never had experience trying to light a bonfire with gasoline, or she wouldn’t have made this mistake!

“Doomscrolling” Have You Been Doing This?

Of course the COVID-19 pandemic would give us some new terms.  This one I feel like a lot of people have been doing.  The new term “Doomscrolling,” described as sitting around, scrolling through your phone, reading depressing

Drying Hands Important Too!

We are all experts in hand washing these days.  Soap, water, 20 seconds and you’re good.  Sammie does actually make her kids sing the ABC’s while they wash their hands.  Some people may not realize how important

Some Stats on our Phone Addiction

When it comes to cell phones it seems that almost everyone has some form of addiction with their phone.  These are some stats that this survey found when it comes to our phone addictions. 64% of people

Are Your Morning Habits Strange or Normal?

The most important part of your morning is making sure you’re tuned into Walls 102 other than that actually getting out of bed thats pretty important as well.  A new survey asked people about their morning habits