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Morning Show Schedule:

[6:45 am] Water Cooler Question of the Day – Join WALLS 102 as we kick off our Morning Show with an interesting fact to start your morning.

[7:50 am] Country Throwback – Take a trip back in time with the country throwback song, every weekday morning! Sponsored by Dr. Ed Monroe.

[8:15 am] What The Bleep Game – We play a song, but we bleep out one of the words. Our listeners will call in with the answer for a chance to win a gift certificate to Brothers Country Supply. Can you guess it!? Sponsored by Brother’s Country Supply

[9:15 am] Pet of the Week – Every day at 9:15, we talk about the pet of the week. Each week we highlight an amazing shelter animal that deserve a home. Sponsored by Martin Avenue Shops.

[9:30 am] Dumb Criminal of the Day – Every weekday at 9:30 Czar and Sammie bring you something to laugh shake your head at with the “Dumb Criminal of the Day”, a funny story in the news about a criminal that didn’t quite get away with it.


Morning Show Blog:

100 Year Old Gets Hole in One

I am a golfer and have been fairly serious about it for the last six years and I have not gotten a hole in one.  One day I imagine it will happen, but hopefully I don’t have

Pet of the Week – Kane

Kane is a 6-7 year old Staffordshire Terrier/Boston Terrier Mix who weighs about 35lbs. He’s quickly becoming a volunteer favorite because he is so well-behaved on a leash, takes greats nicely and loves to snuggle! Come meet

Navy Says UFO Videos not Fake…

Back in 2017, three videos were put out on the internet that showed Navy Pilots flying behind what was supposedly UFO’s.  Now I believe that there are some other forms of life out there for sure.  The

Teachers Don’t Make Enough Money

This is from a few months ago but it just shows that teachers do not make enough money to deal with these shenanigans.  Students Airdropped a broken screen onto the classroom television and made the teacher believe

Brawl Breaks Out Over Bed Sides

Do you have a specific side of the bed you sleep on?  Well I guess one person in this couple didn’t realize that they had assigned sides of the bed.  They were staying at a motel and

Toys Both Parents and Kids Play With

This survey asked parents what are some of the toys they played with as kids that their own children also play with.  So what toys have been able to survive generations of time?  Here are the ones

Smell Those Lemons

Just about everyone wants to feel a little slimmer than they might be.  The hard part?  Eating right, drinking water, showing up to the gym multiple times a week.  Well now you can feel slimmer without actually

Naps are Good!

Finally one of those studies I can get behind!  I’m always tired, a lot of it is self inflicted.  I’ve always been a night owl, never a morning person.  My sleep schedule makes an afternoon nap essential

Free Money Isn’t a Thing

Dumb Criminal of the Day:  You wake up one morning check you bank account and all of a sudden there is $120,000 you didn’t have the day before.  Your first action maybe should be calling the bank

The Two Day Rule

Ever have a hard time making a new habit stick?  Well maybe it is time to try this out.  This video is going viral because it is helping people make those new habits stick.  I say I’m