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Penguins Havin’ Babies

One of the oldest penguins in the world just had a baby.  Her name is Windy, and she’s 30.  She lives at a zoo in England and recently started shacking up with a much younger penguin named Nacho, who’s only four. She recently laid an egg, and it hatched.  It’s Nacho’s first baby and Windy’s 23rd.  (!!!)  Her first was back in 1999.  She’s a great-great-great grandmother to a chick…

Honor Walk

A nurse in Fresno, California named Patrice Sanders passed away this month after working 36 years at a children’s hospital.  And hospital workers honored her by lining the hallway as she was wheeled into surgery to donate her organs. Her sister says Patrice always had deep respect for people who donated, and wanted to make sure she did the same.  Quote, “She loved well, was well loved, and is continuing…

A Gentle Giant

A Great Dane in Iowa named Kevin is now a Guinness World Record holder for tallest dog in the world.  They measure from the ground to the top of their shoulder blades (or “withers”) when standing on all fours. The official measurement was 3 feet, 2 inches.  Standing on his hind legs, he’s well over six feet.  So he’s a big boy . . . but his owners say he’s…