Sealcoat Scammers Target DeKalb County

SYCAMORE – The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office is alerting citizens of a home repair scam in the area. According to authorities, last Thursday there was an incident involving driveway seal-coating by individuals who allegedly approached a victim at their residence offering to do the work at a bargain rate in rural Sycamore. The victim verbally agreed, but upon completion the individuals allegedly charged $6,000 for a job that should have been up to $500. The victim allegedly paid $5,800 for the work. The vehicle involved in this case is described as a white pick-up truck with a black in color square seal-coat tank in the back occupied by three males. Authorities say they’re concerned the seal-coating scam may be a distraction to commit a burglary or groups who come into town to take advantage of property owners.