No You Don’t Have to Shave your Facial Hair to Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus

No the CDC is not telling you that you need to shave your facial hair to protect yourself from the Coronavirus.  Yesterday there was tons of reports that the CDC was saying you need to shave your facial hair, they even put out a diagram of styles that would still be acceptable.

The idea of this was if your facial hair didn’t fit under a respirator the virus could get caught up on your facial hair.  This post has been on the CDC website since 2017 and had nothing to do with the Coronavirus, but was for workplace safety if you had to wear a respirator for your job.

Currently, the CDC does NOT recommend wearing masks or respirators to avoid the coronavirus, unless you need to wear one for work.

At least for now, guys keep rocking the facial hair.  I know I’m happy about this, the last thing I wanted to do was go clean shaven.