Murder Trial Continues in Putnam County

HENNEPIN – On the first half of day four of the Clifford Andersen trial, more witnesses called by the prosecution testified Thursday morning. The victim’s niece was called to the stand to recall the day she and Deborah Dewey’s family searched for Dewey on August 27, 2016.  The niece said she and members of the family searched for the victim at the property in Standard but found no grave site. Deborah Dewey’s body was found on September 12, 2016 at 104 5th Street in Standard where the victim’s family searched. Cashiers of a pharmacy and a dollar store in Spring Valley were also called to the stand to confirm via surveillance videos that Deborah Dewey was seen last seen on August 22, 2016, the day before she was reported missing.  More witnesses for the prosecuting attorneys will be called to the stand later this afternoon at the Putnam County Courthouse.