Mendota Elementary teachers approve an “intent to strike”

Studstill Media Photo

MENDOTA – The Mendota Education Association took an “intent to strike” vote on Thursday. According to officials, the vote was met with a 97% approval of the membership. If a deal is not reached by October 16, the teachers will go on strike. The items that are still on the table for negotiations with the M289 board are salary, insurance, and TRS contributions along with language issues involving teacher plan time and recess duty. Officials say when they began negotiations to bargain a contract that helps the district attract and retain quality educators. In recent years there’s been major issues with teacher turnover within the district and officials feel the proposals would help to turn this around. Officials hope for a quick settlement that is in the best interest of the school, students, and community.

In a press release by Mendota Elementary Schools, The MEA has requested a total compensation increase of 10.54% in year 1, 7.05% in year 2, and 6.84% in year 3. These increases are the lowest requests to date and total $2,226,333 in additional compensation over the three year contract.


The boards proposal includes a 5.66% raise in year 1, 4.32% in year 2, and 4.41% in year 3. These increases are a combined $1,247,262 in additional compensation for salary over the next three years.


The current salary for teachers costs taxpayers $4,025,804 this past fiscal year. The board also paid an additional medical benefits of $1,068,524.


The MEA only pays $179,412 per year for their health insurance, which is 14.38% of the total cost for benefits.

There is no official notification of a strike, as negotiations are ongoing with the union.