Investigator Takes Stand in Andersen Trial

Clifford Andersen – Studstill Media Photo


HENNEPIN – The Illinois State Police investigator who discovered Deborah Dewey’s body took the stand Thursday in the trial of Dewey’s brother in law, Clifford Andersen.   Andersen is being tried for a murder charge and concealment of a death in Putnam County, and this is day four of the trial.  On the stand Thursday afternoon was the special agent, who recalled September 12, 2016, the day Dewey’s body was found in Standard.  Agent Michael Galletti said he remembers a white S-U-V slowly passing the crime scene, and then quickly making a U turn.  Galleti said the man in the SUV was later identified as the defendant.   19 witnesses were called to the stand so far, and more witnesses will be called by the prosecution on Friday.

Also testifying Thursday was an acquaintance of the defendant.  Robert Hundt said he picked up Andersen in Morris took him back to Ladd, where the family was gathered at Dewey’s apartment to search for the then missing Dewey.  Hundt testified that Andersen asked Hundt to tell the family that he was in Ottawa that day.  Earlier in the day, a niece of Dewey took the stand, and said her family searched the property in Standard and did not see evidence of a gravesite there on August 27, 2016.  Dewey’s body was found, buried, on that property over two weeks later, on September 12th.