Inmate Sexually Assaulted at DeKalb County Jail

Dakari Williams – Photo DeKalb County Jail

SYCAMORE – An inmate at the DeKalb County Jail is facing Battery and Sexual Assault charges after an incident on Saturday in Sycamore. The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office say they received a report of an alleged assault of a male inmate at the county jail from another male inmate. After an investigation, the victim was taken to the hospital for an evaluation before being returned to the jail. According to authorities, they say 22-year old Dakari Williams allegedly walked into the victim’s cell, battered him and reportedly sexually assaulted him. Williams was charged with one count of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault, a count of Criminal Sexual Assault, and two counts of Battery. He will have an additional bond hearing Tuesday. Williams is already being held on Domestic Battery charges with a $75,000 bond.