Free Money Isn’t a Thing

Dumb Criminal of the Day:  You wake up one morning check you bank account and all of a sudden there is $120,000 you didn’t have the day before.  Your first action maybe should be calling the bank to see if there was a mistake right?  That’s a lot of money and the bank was eventually going to realize that they messed something up.  Well this couple in their mid 30’s did not call their bank about the mistake.  Instead they went on a spending spree and spent almost all of the money.  They purchased an SUV, two four-wheelers, a camper, and a car trailer.  They also used the money to pay bills, cash purchases, even gave a friend $15,000.  Of course the bank realized their mistake transferred the money back to the right account and this couple has over $100,000 in overdraft fees and is now also facing felony theft charges.  Lesson of the day here, if you wake up and think you got some free money, they didn’t.   Your first move should probably be checking in with your bank.