“Doomscrolling” Have You Been Doing This?

Of course the COVID-19 pandemic would give us some new terms.  This one I feel like a lot of people have been doing.  The new term “Doomscrolling,” described as sitting around, scrolling through your phone, reading depressing news for hours and hours.

I’m not saying don’t keep up with everything that is going on in the world, it is important to do that.  Limit yourself though, reading depressing stories all day long isn’t good for anyone’s mental health.

Speaking of mental health, according to this survey Americans are lonelier than ever due to Coronavirus social distancing.  I get it, especially if you are by yourself during this pandemic it’s easy to feel lonely.  So what are the ways people are making sure they are improving their mental health?

  1. Checking in with family and loved ones
  2. Trying to exercise more
  3. Limiting news consumption
  4. Making plans for when the pandemic is over
  5. Doing nice things for other people

Personally I’ve spent a lot of time on Facetime with my family… Mom, Dad, brother, sister that helps with not feeling alone while going through this, especially when we are not in the same state.  Spend weekends playing video games with cousins and friends (I never play video games).  Also, I’ve been limiting my social media.  I use it to read about sports and since there is none of that going on I am doing my best to avoid “Doomscrolling” cause it doesn’t put me in a good mood.  I might already be planning a summer golf trip with some friends for when this whole pandemic is over.  Having something to look forward to helps stay as positive as you can for sure.  Hopefully if you are feeling lonely maybe some of these will help you out, because trust me if you’re feeling alone and down you are not the only person feeling that way.

Stay safe and take care of yourself physically and mentally.