Don’t Get Towed – Know Your Parking Restrictions

File Photo Studstill Media

OTTAWA – Most communities have winter and snow parking restrictions in place in order to get the streets back open after a snowstorm.    Here are some of the area rules, but if you have specific questions you should contact your city for details at your address or business.


Earlville – 2” + of snow

LaSalle – 3” + of snow and 24 hours after storm

Marseilles- 2” + of snow East/West Streets and Marked Snow Routes

Mendota- 2” + of snow until cleared – Downtown residents need to move vehicles to approved lots

Ottawa – 2”+ of snow up to 12 hours after storm

Peru – 3” + of snow and 1 hour until cleared

Princeton – 3” + of snow and 12 hours or until clear

Streator – 2” + of snow and some marked streets between 3 am – 5 am

Spring Valley – 2” + of snow on Marked Snow Routes and Opposite of a Driveway for 8 hours or clear.