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Rural policing at its finest: Earville PD assist resident with bat eviction

EARLVILLE – The Earlville Police Department assisted a resident with a bat eviction Thursday night. Body camera footage was released of Ofc. Savage and the resident trapping the bat. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, to capture a bat, try confining it to a room. If you are not able to contain the bat in a room, you can trap the bat in a box and slide cardboard underneath it or capture it in a blanket. Wear leather gloves to handle the bat. Do not touch the bat with your bare hands. If you do not feel comfortable capturing the bat or cannot do it safely, contact the city or county animal control to assist. Once the bat is captured, contact the city or county health department so they can evaluate the exposure. Do not release the bat until you have spoken to the local health department.

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