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Safe House Animal Rescue League on the prowl to save feral cats in LaSalle

Photo by Studstill Media

LASALLE – A no-kill feline rescue group has served as a guardian angel to the stray cats of LaSalle, giving them a better quality of life. It’s been around a year since the Safe House Animal Rescue League stood before LaSalle’s City Council, to present their efforts to either trap, neuter, and release or domesticate ferals. LaSalle has been known to have a problem controlling the feral cat population within the city, as the dilemma has been voiced by the councilmen and the mayor himself. In good faith, the city presented Vice President Sandy Knott with a $500 donation.
Since then, and quietly over the past few years, the group has focused on certain problem areas like Canal Street. Now Knott says she doesn’t know of a kitten left in that area and if there is, the volunteer-based league is to the rescue. In fact, she says just last Sunday she picked up a dumped cat in the city.
In just this year alone, around 300 stray cats in the Illinois Valley were adopted out, and hundreds more neutered and released. Since 2016, the non-profit has had an over 90% placement rate, setting up 1,258 cats with homes out of the over 1,000 they’ve taken in.

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