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Chimney repair scammer targets elderly woman who doesn’t have a chimney

Morris Police Cycle – File Photo Studstill Media

MORRIS – An alleged chimney repair scammer targeted an elderly woman in Grundy County who didn’t have a chimney on her home.  The Morris Police Department say on Monday a 90-year-old resident said she was in her driveway when an SUV pulled up and a heavyset white man got out and informed her that her chimney was unstable.  The man identified himself as “John Lee”.  After a brief talk outside, the man asked for a glass of water and went into the home with the woman.   The man then left after a drink and said he would return to make repairs.  The Morris Police Department remind everyone that these scams target the elderly. If someone shows up at your home offering services or estimates  and you did not call them you do not need to be nice and most importantly don’t let them into your home.

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