Juveniles Charged in Ottawa Church Burglaries

Ottawa Police – File Photo Studstill Media

OTTAWA – Four juveniles were arrested in connection with church burglaries in Ottawa. Ottawa Police responded to a call on the 900 block of Columbus Street and on the 100 block of East Lafayette for reported burglaries at two Churches on June 25th. According to Ottawa Police forced entry was reported in the first case, however nothing was reported missing. Unforced entry was reported in the second church with items reported missing and damage having been caused inside. On June 28th Ottawa police were called again to the church in the 100 block of east Lafayette street after someone again entered the church and caused more damage. The Ottawa police were later able to identify 4 juvenile males from Ottawa and charged them in connection to the burglaries. A 14, 13, 12 and 11-year-old males were all charged with felonies. All the juveniles involved remain in the custody of their parents.