Drying Hands Important Too!

We are all experts in hand washing these days.  Soap, water, 20 seconds and you’re good.  Sammie does actually make her kids sing the ABC’s while they wash their hands.  Some people may not realize how important drying your hands is as well.  I was one of them, grab a towel, quick dry, and carry on.

When your hands are wet or damp, they pick up more germs than when they are dry.

Some other quick tips:

  • Drying your hands off with a towel helps remove more germs.  Washing does the hard work, but the friction with the towel helps remove more germs.
  • In public don’t use hand dryers.  They tend to kick up germs into the air and possibly blow them back onto your hands.

Wash your hands, dry them off, and stay safe!