Are Your Morning Habits Strange or Normal?

The most important part of your morning is making sure you’re tuned into Walls 102 other than that actually getting out of bed thats pretty important as well.  A new survey asked people about their morning habits so you can see if your normal.. or not.

1.  87% wake up to an alarm, 13% do not.

2.  85% use their phone as an alarm clock.  6% use a regular alarm clock, and 2% are still rocking a sweet clock radio.

3.  59% say the first thing they do in the morning is check their phone.

4.  36% have breakfast every day . . . 55% have breakfast sometimes . . . and 19% never have it.

5.  Only 25% make their bed every morning.

6.  Only 25% shower every single morning.  44% shower at night, and 31% say they sometimes shower in the morning but sometimes skip it.

7.  Only 17% get out of bed immediately when they wake up without lying around for a while.

8.  And 13% lay out their clothes for the day the night before.