Morning Dog House

6:50a – “Totally Trending”
Ever wonder how the other half live? Join The WALLS 102 Morning Doghouse for all the latest Hollywood gossip every week day morning at 6:50.

7:15a – “Starbuck’s Game”

Play the Starbuck’s Game with Dog & Dani!

7:50a – “Celebrity Birthdays”

Celebrate with Dog and Dani!  Sponsored by LaSalle County Nursing Home.

7:55a – “Country Throwback”

Catch a throwback song every weekday morning!  Farmer’s Insurance agent Katrina Corrie.

8:15a – “Sound Effects Game”
Can you guess it!? sponsored by Brother’s Country Supply

8:30a – “Not the News”
Hear another head scratcher!

8:45a – “McDonald’s Morning Mixup”
— sponsored by McDonald’s

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