Law Firm Interested in Spring Valley Bus Crash; Claim Students Injured

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SPRING VALLEY – Schweickert, Ganassin, Krzak and Rundio, a personal injury law firm, is representing a number of children who were allegedly injured in a school bus crash last week in Spring Valley. Attorneys say contrary to earlier reports, a number of students were injured and continue to suffer injuries in the September 6th crash that occurred at the intersections of East Minnesota and Power streets. Schweickert, Ganassin, Krzak and Rundio say they sent demands out to the responsible bus service company to preserve vital evidence, including any video or electronic data recording showing the speed and acceleration/deceleration data of the bus, employment qualifications and training file of the driver, their policies and any statements or incident reports relating to the occurrence.
Micheal S. Kzak, partner at the firm says, “It appears that instead of the driver calling for medical assistance at the scene, the children were put on another bus and sent to school. Only after the children arrived at school were they questioned about their well-being. Parents are seeking answers as to why there weren’t any protocols in place by the bus company or school.”