Local Headlines

Pump prices ease after oil facility attacks

  CHICAGO – Local pump prices are showing signs of stabilization after attacks on two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia earlier this month. According to the American Automobile Association, gas stations reacted just as swiftly as the market, raising local prices by as much as a quarter. ...Read more

Spring Valley exempts service dogs from tag fee

SPRING VALLEY – Owners of service dogs in Spring Valley are now required to get a dog license, but will be waived of fees. On Monday night, the city council approved to amend their dog ordinance to require that owners of service dogs obtain a dog tag, however, will be exempt from paying ...Read more

LaSalle Co. real estate tax deadline coming soon

OTTAWA – LaSalle County’s real estate tax deadline is October 4th. The drop box will be closed at 4 p.m. on October 4th, which also will be the last day the LaSalle County Treasurer’s Office will accept personal checks. After the deadline day, the office will only accept ...Read more

Developments in LaSalle Co. opioid settlement

OTTAWA- LaSalle County State’s Attorney Karen Donnelly says the county could allocate over $300,000 per every billion made in a settlement with major opioid makers. Donnelly recently filed a comprehensive 320 page complaint against the manufacturers and distributors of opioids to seek costs ...Read more

LaSalle approves agreement with hotel developers

LASALLE -Alderman voted to approve an ordinance approving a redevelopment agreement between LaSalle and Kaskaskia Development, LLC, and CL Real Estate Development, LLC at Monday night’s city council meeting. Although some alderman expressed concern for parking at the hotel, Nathan Watson, ...Read more