Local Headlines

Solicitation Sting Nabs Nine

OTTAWA- The LaSalle County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday that nine men have been charged with solicitation after a multi-year investigation into prostitution and drugs in the area.  During the investigation involving the LaSalle County Sheriff’s Office, Peru

Dekalb Police warn of vehicle burglaries

DEKALB – The Dekalb Police Department reported investigating multiple vehicle burglaries over the past couple of weeks. Authorities say the burglaries were reported at various locations within the city. The weather is warming up which brings more

Fight; Robbery Inside DeKalb County Jail

SYCAMORE – Four inmates at the DeKalb County Jail were charged with robbery and aggravated battery, Thursday. According to DeKalb County Sheriff’s, on Sunday an inmate was battered and robbed by four others, allegedly taking belongings from

Ottawa Woman Arrested After Tri-Dent Crack Raid

OTTAWA – A search warrant in Ottawa discovered purported drugs and an Ottawa woman is in jail following a Tri-County Drug Enforcement Narcotics Team raid on Wednesday. In a release, Tri-Dent says they began an investigation involving