Average American Feels Tired Three Days a Week… How do we Cope?

The people who can go through every day without being tired I envy you.  Most of the reason I’m tired is my own fault.  I wake up early, end up staying up way later than I should… so yeah my own fault.  Well, how much does that average person get tired throughout the week?  What are some ways we cope with being tired?

According to the National Sleep Foundation’s annual Sleep in America survey, the average person feels tired at least three days a week.  And only 16% of people say they rarely ever feel tired.

Majority of people say that tiredness affects their mood and not normally in a good way.

Here are the eight most common things we do to cope;

  1. Try to shake it off
  2. Get some fresh air
  3. Drink some coffee
  4. Take a nap
  5. Some other kind of caffeine drink
  6. Eat some sugar???
  7. Chew gum
  8. Take some kind of stimulant