Austrailian woman layers up to avoid airline fine


Repost from @khaleejtimes • An Australian teen was fined $65 by Jetstar Airways for wearing over 6kg of clothes in an attempt to avoid paying overweight luggage fees. Adriana Ocampo, 19, was flying to Adelaide from Melbourne and can be seen laughing with her friend Emily Altamura, also 19. The airline commented that, “While we certainly see the funny side, we have limits to carry-on to make it fair for everyone.” #Australia #LuggageFees #ViralVideo #travel #fy #fypage

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AUSTRAILA – An Australian teen was off for an adventure and when she arrived at the airport she learned that her bag was just a little over the weight limit.  This meant that she was going to be charged $65 USD for the extra weight.  Instead, she decided not to leave everything in the bag, but put it on herself.  She turned into the Stay Puff Marshmallow man in hopes to avoid the fine.  She was still fined and did not have time to take everything off before boarding, so she had to fly with all of the extra layers on her body.