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WALLS 102 is Live and Local, and is the more people listen to WALLS 102 than any other area station*!  WALLS 102 is streaming online at and on IOS and Android apps at WALLS 102. 

Five Facts About WALLS 102

  1. Part of the Studstill Media group, which has 75,526 people listen in an average week, more than any other area group, added together (Eastlan Ratings, Average, Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Oct 2020-Mar-2021 Averaged together. 12+, Cume, M-Su 6a-Mid).
  2. Studstill Media group reaches the coveted 25-54 demographic, with more listeners in a given week than the other area groups put together (33,286 25-54, Cume, M-Su 6a-Mid, Fall2018 through March 2021 Average)
  3. WALLS 102 has the #1 morning show in the area for reaching the most desirable 25-54 age group. (920 AQH listeners, March 2021, 25-54, M-F6a-10a)
  4. More people listen to WALLS 102 in a given week than another other station. (27,743 Cume 12+, Fall 2018-March 2021 Average)
  5. WALLS 102 has been the longest running continuous mainstream country, since our sign-on in 1993, we have been a country music station, the most popular format in America. (2202 according to – more than 200 more stations than the 2nd and third leading formats, religious and talk)

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*Eastlan Ratings, Fall 2018, 12+. LaSalle-Peru, IL Market, Monday-Sunday 6a-Midnight, Weekly Cume

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